Do Free Ultimate Team Coins Exist?

Every user of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) wants free Ultimate Team coins so they can start building their dream team within FIFA 15. However this raises of the question of whether they exist and if so, how can I get some?

We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but free Ultimate Team coins do not exist and we’ll explain why. FIFA Ultimate Team is possibly the most played game mode within any video game on the console market which brings hundreds of thousands of users to the in-game economy all battling over the same set of players. This causes each player within the game to possess a value depending on supply and demand.

All FIFA Ultimate Team players have a ‘card weight’ which means their frequency of being found in packs to the amount of packs opened. So for example an invaluable non-shiny gold player such as Johan Elmander will be found in maybe 100 packs opened as opposed to an extremely rare shiny Cristiano Ronaldo that could take 15,000 opened packs to find just one Ronaldo. These card weights are created by EA Sports but we don’t know the exact player:pack ratio formula.

Note: This doesn’t mean if you open 15,000 packs you will be guaranteed a Ronaldo as other people within the game will be constantly opening packs too.

Therefore the rarer the player, the more valuable he will be because there are less versions of that player floating on the transfer market for potential buyers to purchase. This is the supply side of the game’s player economy covered but what about the demand?

The demand is created by you, the user. The concept of FIFA Ultimate Team is for you to assemble the very best team and to do that you’ll need to purchase the best players from the transfer market with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins. The only problem with this is that FIFA 15 Coins are only introduced into the game by completing FUT matches and with each match you complete you will be granted 350-550 FUT Coins as a reward. If you consider Ronaldo’s value to be 1.4 million coins and you’re earning on average 450 ultimate team coins per game that would take you an unbearable amount of games played.

As a result users of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team look to take a shortcut to obtain their favourite players and to do that they have two options – FIFA Coins or FIFA Points.

As FIFA Points are untradeable between users and they can only be purchased from the EA store it looms on FIFA Coins to be the only viable way for users to take a shortcut through the game. This causes a real life demand on a virtual currency whereby users will pay physical money to receive a substantial amount of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. Consequently there are a few well-known websites that sell FIFA 15 Coins such as ourselves at Buy Ultimate Team Coins, FIFA Coin Store, FUT Coins Now and

As people know there is a value to FIFA Coins they aren’t prepared to give them away for free. Just like you wouldn’t see a rich person in real life give away their money. So sadly there aren’t such a thing as free Ultimate Team Coins but there is the option to purchase them from reputable merchants online.

The very same merchants, like ourselves, buy FIFA coins from users who no longer want them or they’ve simply played the game to farm these coins to earn themselves some real life money. After all, gaming for money isn’t exactly a bad job for a bit of money on the side. We buy FIFA 15 Coins from users who no longer want the coins are re-sell them to users who are wanting to buy the FIFA Ultimate Team coins to improve their FUT squad. It’s a win-win situation all around.

by Jamie Gregory